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Building & Community Features

The Amaia Steps the Junction Place Nova features a 5-building residential development with a total of 510 units for sale or lease. Investors and homeowners would appreciate the development’s stunning features and amenities included herein. But it does not end there! The buildings and their vicinity are totally safe for residents and guests at any time of the day. Upon entering the gated community, a well-guarded entrance gate has a guardhouse with roving security personnel. The community roads are wider than public thoroughfares and have street lights. A perimeter wall for added security surrounds the property. The property is guarded and secured 24/7 with installed CCTVs in strategic areas, maximizing security. 

For securing lives and properties inside the building: each mid-rise structure has a fire alarm and an automatic sprinkler system, as well as easy-to-access fire exits. There are also fire hose cabinets on every floor. Parking spaces are available for guests and residents. Each building has several passenger elevators that will bring you home quickly. 

Amenities and Features

Amaia Steps the Junction Place boasts recreational amenities and more functional facilities than any other vertical developments in Quezon City. The family and guests will appreciate these refreshing features that seldom come in condo projects by other companies. In every building at Amaia Steps the Junction Place, you enter a homey feel lobby with graceful blends of form and function. Here, your friends or acquaintances will enjoy the cozy atmosphere while waiting for you in the lounging area. Then, hop in for a quick ride in the elevator or take a cardio walk up the stairs. 

Enjoy the suburban lifestyle at Amaia Steps the Junction Place as you and the family make a splash in the swimming pool; enjoy a round of games at the basketball court or just hang out at the pristine central courtyard or the linear parks in-between buildings. At the clubhouse, you and the family could celebrate life's journey with ease and confidence. But what’s more at Amaia Steps? The property also indulges you with pool lounges, a play area, a jogging loop, and well-trimmed courtyard, green open spaces, and gardens.

  • Basketball Court
  • Retail Area
  • Pool
  • Play Area
  • Jogging Loop
  • Courtyard
  • Clubhouse
  • Central Courtyard
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